Q: Do the dresses come in other colors than pictured on the website? 

A: Yes.

     Most of dresses come in a selection of different colours and fabrics.


Q: Do you do custom designs or changes? 

A: Yes.

     Many times when brides try on gowns, they love the overall look of a gown but wish it were different in some small or large way.


     SHARLAY’s custom services allow you to make those changes.

     We can discuss your personal needs when you are ready to order.

     Here are just a few examples of the modifications we make to our gowns on a regular basis:


     - Change the neckline

     - Change the train

     - Change the fabrics, colours, embroidery or embellishment pattern (where applicable)

     - Change the skirt silhouette

     - Add / Delete detail on the dress

     - Add / Delete or change sleeves

     - Mix and match tops and bottoms on selected styles

     - And much more…


Q: Do I need an appointment? 

A: Yes, we are highly recommended that you make an appointment for a visit or consultation before visiting to avoid disappointment.                    We believe every bride who visits our boutique should feel special and be treated well. We understand privacy is important                              therefore during visits and consultations we close the door to allow complete privacy. 


Q: How long is a consultation? 

A: A consultation is approximately one hour long. If you require a second visit to try on that special dress you have your eye on,

     there is no charge.


Q: What should I bring to my appointment? 

A: For custom design gowns, bring your ideas and pictures of the dresses you like.

     You should bring the shoes and undergarments you’ll wear on your wedding day in order to have your gown properly fitted.


Q: Who should I bring to my appointment? 

A: Bring the closest friend or family member whose opinion you value. Too many friends might take the focus away from you.


Q: May I take pictures of the gowns? 

A: We do not allow cameras in the boutique. 


Q: How long does it take to make the gown? 

A: Our process time is between 3-6 months. We do take rush orders, however this is maybe subject to an extra fee. 


Q: When do I make payment? 

A: For standard payments:

    60% required when ordering

    30% required at first fitting

    10% required at final fitting